Online Math Classes

I work with many gifted students, some of whom have difficulties accessing math classes at their level. Summer can be a good time to explore on-line classes. Here are a few I’ve come across. 


Most often used by MIT admitted home-schooled students

1.  EPGY - Stanford --

2.  MIT OpenCourseWare --


Good reviews on-line (not collected by program)

3.  San Francisco State University (marketed to international students) --  

4.  University of Massachusetts --

5.  Kahn Academy --


AP Calculus classes designed for home-schooled students

6.  Math Tutor  --

7.  North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics --

8.  Georgia Virtual School --


Calculcus classes offered for college credit

9.  UC Berkeley Extension (4 semester units) --

10. University of North Carolina (3 college credits) --