The Most Important Choice

“I found myself with a choice. I could choose to be pessimistic or optimistic about what the future held for me.” --Leonardo Espinoza, Jr, Topeka High School

The New York Times maintained a blog series, “The Envelope, Please,” which followed the application experiences of eight high school seniors from around the world. The latest post is from Leonardo Espinoza, Jr, a senior at Topeka High School in Kansas. Leonardo was accepted by the University of Kansas, and rejected by Washington University. His reflection on this outcome, “How It Feels to be Rejected by a Reach School,” is a wonderful essay. 

Leonardo, like most students, has been both accepted and rejected. Rejection always feels bad. But must your rejections crowd out your feelings for your acceptances? You applied to a set of colleges because you saw something in each of them that set them apart from other schools. Can you recall their many good qualities? Can you begin to envision your life this fall?

Can you be optimistic? That is, in fact, the most important choice.