University of California Treasures

Applications to University of California campuses are due November 30! 

The nine University of California campuses host many outstanding institutes, laboratories and centers. Here is a sampling:

UC Berkeley, Algorithms, Machines and People Laboratory for cloud computing, crowd sourcing and statistical machine learning

UC Davis, Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, a community of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and industry professionals to innovate research, education and outreach

UC Irvine, Institute of Transportation Studies, intelligent systems design drawing on the University’s engineering, social sciences, ecology, business, law and computer sciences resources

UCLA, California Social Science Experimental Laboratory, investigating learning, preferences and group behavior in experimental economics, finance, political sciences, sociology, anthropology and marketing

UC Merced, Sierra Nevada Research Institute, researching the impact of rapid population growth, competition for natural resources and land use, and climate change on environmental sustainability

UC Riverside, Institute for Integrative Genome Biology, multidisciplinary research seeking solutions to hunger, disease and environmental sustainability

UC San Diego, Center for Human Development, clinical behavioral assessments of neuroimagining, neurophysiological studies and computational modeling

UC Santa Barbara, Marine Science Institutefocuses on marine, coastal zone, and freshwater research; marine policy studies; and educational outreach in marine science

UC Santa Cruz, Institute for Humanities Research, theorizes and implements new Humanities research