College Newspapers Are a Valuable Research Tool for You

College newspapers reveal the life of a campus from current students' perspectives. Colleges' websites and print materials are written by college employees tasked to present the school in the best possible light. College newspapers are written by students with an eye toward explaining how a school's values, administrative decisions, campus event and opportunities could shape your college experience. Carefully read, college newspapers can provide a wealth of information about things you might otherwise overlook.

Here are some details that jumped out at me:

Bennington College has a "Bathroom Critic."

Purdue University requires freshmen to attend a talk on ethics and plagiarism. Students often snooze through this lecture, so this year the professor giving the talk brought a chicken, turantula and Madagascar hissing cricket to class. One lucky student was called on to hold the cricket.

UCLA's newspaper has a large job listing section. A family is currently seeking a UCLA student to pick up a twelve-year-old at a bus stop, and "supervise homework, play and be a great role model." $25/hour.

A broad sampling of on-line student newspapers, selected for their diversity:

Bennington Free Press (Bennington College)

The Brown Daily Herald (Brown University)

Daily Bruin (University of California, Los Angeles)

The Catalyst (Colorado College)

The College Voice (Connecticut College)

The Hatchet (George Washington University)

Technique (Georgia Tech)

The Gonzaga Bulletin (Gonzaga University)

The Harvard Crimson (Harvard University)

The Michigan Daily (University of Michigan)

Montana Kaimin (University of Montana)

The Daily Northwestern (Northwestern University)

The Pitt News (University of Pittsburgh)

The Student Life (Pomona College)

The Puget Sound Trail (University of Puget Sound)

The Exponent (Purdue University)

The Scripps Voice (Scripps College)

Daily Trojan (University of Southern California)

The Daily Campus (Southern Methodist University)

The Daily Toreadar (Texas Tech)

Yale Daily News (Yale University)

Photo:  "Yale Women's Ice Hockey Team versus Princeton Women's Ice Hockey Team, "Yale vs Princeton," 12.2.11, courtesy Amanda B., FlickrCC