Your AP scores can also help you once you’ve arrived on your college campus!

Your teachers, your guidance counselors and maybe even your parents have stressed the importance of taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school to help build a competitive application for college. But your AP scores can also help you once you’ve arrived on campus. Depending on your individual college’s policy, your AP scores can help you place into more accelerated classes, or even count for credit towards your diploma — saving you time and money on tuition to focus the classes you really want to take.

  • Each school has its own policies for counting AP credits:

The CollegeBoard’s AP Credit Policy Search tool can help you see exactly which courses can count towards acceleration credits at your school.

  • Your first score report is FREE:

  • When taking your AP exam, you can designate one college on your AP answer sheet to send a free report with all of your scores from that year. If you wish to send your scores to additional schools you can do so for a fee here.

  • You can withhold individual scores:

If you didn’t do as well on a particular test and don’t want colleges to know about it, you can go to the link above and find a form to hide certain scores from colleges (again, for a fee). If you decide later that you want that score to be sent out, you can do so for no additional charge. If you requested a free score report on your AP answer sheet in 2016, the deadline to withhold scores from that report is June 15. You can also permanently cancel a score for free, but then you will not be able to change your mind if you want to use it later.


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