"You helped me immensely last year, and I am very grateful for that. Good luck with your students next year!"

Albert Z., Student at California Institute of Technology


"I invited Kate to speak at my Junior Class Student/Parent College Information Night. She has a wealth of information about best-fit colleges for highly gifted students. Her expertise in helping create an individual college list is remarkable."

Kate Rademaker, Counselor, Highly Gifted Magnet, North Hollywood High School


"Kate has the unique perspective that comes from being a parent of a child with a learning challenge, and a highly educated, and trained professional. Her experience and compassion is a wonderful asset! The college application process can be overwhelming. It's so important to have someone that can help identify the schools that are a good match for your child. Kate is able to take the stress out of the equation allowing the student to focus on making an application that reflects their strengths and special qualities."

Bonnie Cook, Co-founder, Pasadena Area Dyslexia Parent Support Group


"Although my parents and I started getting stressed and anxious about the college process long before it actually started, Ms. Duey guided us through it in such a way that we were surprised at how smoothly everything went. It is clear that Ms. Duey has extensive experience and expertise with college admissions through her wealth of knowledge. She offered me advice not only on application essays but on research project ideas, extra-curriculars, teacher recommendations, standardized testing, resumes, interviews, assessing the pros and cons of each school, constructing a college list, and much more. She was always reassuringly positive. I am especially grateful for her help in finally choosing a school once the admission letters came back--through an avalanche of often biased or uniformed advice from parents, friends, teachers, and even strangers, Ms. Duey helped me rationally assess each choice and feel confident about my selection. I am now heading off to my dream school thanks to Ms. Duey!"

Trisha M., Student at Columbia University


"I just received your little note and gift card today, and it really warmed my heart! If anything, I should be the one sending you a card, since all the college things couldn't have worked out nearly as well without your wholehearted assistance!  It was such a pleasure working with you, and I'll be sure to coe back and visit whenever I get the chance!"

Kaiqi Z., Student at New York University


"Thank you so much."

Arisa Z., Student at University of California, Santa Cruz


"When we started the process for our daughter with Kate, we were not sure exactly what to expect. But it turned out to be one of those amazing experiences from start to finish, where we left feeling so grateful to have had her insights, experience, compassion, intelligence, and firm guidance for the entire process. I like the fact that each of us were given 'homework assignments'--it made us feel more involved in the process. Kate's extensive knowledge of the college admissions process combined with her positive reinforcements as well as gentle admonishments were just the ticket for keeping our daughter engaged and motivated. We felt very lucky to have Kate as a part of our college team!"

M. Greene, Parent of Student at St. Mary's College of California


"For Kate, every student is special. She will fully explore your individuality and strengths, help you to know yourself, and give you full confidence, such that your application materials will be fully developed and optimized. In addition, she made my vision and thinking more open - this was a very good preparation for my studies in the United States, and has enabled me to better adapt to the way of thinking and pace of learning here."  

Qifan L., Graduate Student at Northeastern University


"Kate Duey has done a fantastic job mentoring and assisting in college preparation at inner city Catholic High Schools in Los Angeles. Her involvement with our top achievers and assisting them for admission to top tier colleges and universities is a service that many of our high schools cannot provide. We are proud of all of our students and their college matriculation, but we cannot help but notice Kate's impact at one school in particular. With a history of few applications to selective colleges and none to the Ivy League, in her first two years Kate counseled students who were wait-listed at Brown University and admitted to Cornell University."

Charlie Steinmetz, President, Steinmetz Foundation; Member, Board of Trustees, Los Angeles Catholic Education Foundation


"Estamos muy contentos con la ayuda que Kate nos dio. La experiencia que ella tiene ayudando a los jovenes nos ayuda agarrar la informacion necesaria para completar el proceso de aplicaciones. Gracias a Kate, mi hija Edith tuvo toda la ayuda que necesitaba para que la aceptaran en la universidad que ahora esta."

H. Martinez, Parent of Student at University of California, Berkeley


"Kate made all the difference in our son’s search for his best-fit college. First of all, she was organized. She took our son through a process that helped clarify what he really wanted and needed in a school and then using her vast knowledge of resources gave us a list of best-fit schools for us to explore. She fine-tuned this list as we went along. At the same time she helped us get ready using her many resources to prepare him for standardize tests, taking the right courses in high school, finding scholarships, etc. And through out the entire process she was encouraging and reassuring to our son (and to us as well). I highly recommend Kate as a trusted advisor for this most important process."

S. Alibrando; Parent of Student at Lewis and Clark College


"I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for us this past year. We were so lost on the whole college process and you led the way! Not only were you a great guide, but also a great friend. And I am proud to say that I will be attending St. Mary's College of California in the fall!"

Aida M., Student at St. Mary's College of California


"What makes Kate Duey a stellar resource for parents navigating the complex and often daunting college selection landscape is not only her comprehensive knowledge of the subject but her passion for the students she guides from the onset of their journey. In addition, one would be wise not to assume she will simply give away her wealth of knowledge and college preparatory experience--parents and students who seek Kate Duey's consultation should expect a few "homework" assignments of their own in order to make sure they research the ins and outs of college websites, securing transcripts and letters of recommendation, reading collegiate newspapers and understanding financial commitments using online "calculators." Ms. Duey's invaluable contributions are an important reason my wife and I decided to send our daughter Danae to Carleton College."

B. Bowen; Parent of Student at Carleton College


"Kate helped guide me on the right path. She made me see the writing process through the eyes of an admissions reader, a perspective that helped me understand what made my story unique. Her expertise in writing improved the flow of my essay and generally, Kate was a great source for reassurance. Thanks, Kate."

Jen L., Student at Harvard University


"Kate provided valuable feedback in the careful crafting of my Personal Statement for dental residency rograms. Her admissions proficiency provided a lens with which to view how to present writing that is distinct. As a result, I was able to clearly convey my thoughts in a noticeable manner."

Joseph C., Dental Resident, Lutheran Medical Center, Hilo, Hawaii


"Having Kate work with and support me my senior year of high school was truly a blessing. As a first generation student, I didn't have a good sense of what the college application process was. I just knew the personal statement was key; but Kate went far beyond helping me with my statement. She found schools that would best meet my needs, she spent countless hours with me to discuss my options, and I will never forget the entire day that she set aside to help me apply to one institution. She truly invests herself in the student and my experience with her is invaluable. Kate held my hand every step of the way which was something I really needed. I simply can't thank you enough Kate."

Edith M., Student at University of California, Berkeley


"She offered a wealth of information about college options based on student strengths and weaknesses."

A. Schwartz, Aunt of Student at Middlebury College


"Working with Kate gave me the direction I needed when I first started applying to colleges. She not only helped me during our regular meet-ups, but took the time to research universities that I might be interested in. She guided me along the writing process by helping me brainstorm and edit my personal statements. Having Kate as my college counselor was truly beneficial because she understands what the admissions office is looking for and she knows how to hightlight our best qualities as a person, student, athlete, and leader."

Iliana G., Student at University of Washington


"Congratulations Kate! We thank you for your help with Chrisopher's admission process. He is very happy with his decision and is doing great things as a sophomore. Anyone lucky enough to consult you will get great insights. All the best!"

M. Jones, Parent of Student at University of Miami


"I first consulted with Kate in January 2012, when my son decided that he wanted to continue homeschooling throughout high school. She gave us a quality, in-depth consultation that allowed our family to chart all four years of high school. My son did exactly what Kate suggested, which included taking a number of national tests and continuing the extracurricular activities he excels in.  Thanks to Kate, as a high school junior, my son already has a large number of college credits and plans to double major."

 Inga G., Parent of Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

—- 龚墨,耶鲁大学

"Kate helped me realize my potential with a unique ease and grace. She was there every step of the way- from choosing which colleges to apply, to the final drafts of the personal statements. She was easy and fun to talk to while guiding me towards my dream school with her amazing advice and explanations. She is very knowledgeable and truly understands the intricacies of the college application process. She was a pleasure to work with and I am very thankful!"

Alexandra G., Student at Reed College


"Kate focuses on an individualized approach working with gifted students, stressing fit over name when it comes to identifying an optimal college match. Cognizant of the needs of gifted learners, Kate identifies and clarifies colleges and universities that offer gifted students the curricula, faculty involvement, academic and extracurricular opportunities and student support that enable the gifted student to hone in on schools best suited to their unique needs and goals for a challenging, fulfilling college experience."

Bonnie Raskin, Carolyn D. Bradley Scholarship Program Coordinator


"Ms. Duey helped me write my essays, and encouraged me to keep revising. The best piece of advice she gave me was to write a thank you note to the admissions rep who visited my school. I think that letter put me over the top. Thank you Ms. Duey!"

Sara D., Student at Chapman University


"I always felt that Ms. Duey respected me as a student and a person, and I had a lot of confidence when I made my college decision. My personal statement was on Lucille Ball and it was a lot of fun to write. I felt really lucky because everyone around me was always complaining about writing their college essays. I had a good senior year,  from start to finish." 

Monique M.,  Student at Mount St. Mary's College


"Johnny and I are very grateful to Kate for all her guidance, advice and encouragement during this important college process. We appreciated the time she spent with Jennifer in helping her develop a list of schools that would meet her goals.  Because of Kate's involvement the whole application process was made so much easier for us. She was there from beginning to end helping with the FAFSA application, common apps, letters of recommendations, and supplements.  Kate was also very open to any input we had. Jennifer's acceptance to UCLA was the highlight of this whole process and she is looking forward to her college experience and being part of the Bruin family.  Kate gives her best and we would highly recommend her."

M. Wong, Guardian of Student at University of California, Los Angeles


"Kate is an obviously experienced and knowledgeable academic counselor for the highly gifted secondary student. She has presented and enlighten many students from across the country in the past 5 years through the Institute for Educational Advancement’s Apprenticeship Program where we match students with doctors, lawyers, and scientific researchers who serve as mentors in the greater Los Angeles area. Kate truly understands the needs of gifted students."

Min-Ling Li, Institute for Educational Advancement Apprenticeship Program Coordinator


"Kate went far above and beyond what I imagined a Counselor would do for their students. She flew to San Jose State University to take a tour of the campus as well as talk to me in person about our Computer Science and Engineering programs on behalf of her students. Kate wanted make sure it was the right place for them. To me that shows true dedication."

Bernard Mesa, Database Administrator at TCI: Teachers' Curriculum Institute


"Working with Kate was an absolute joy. I was overwhelmed by the choices facing me, and she helped me figure out what I really wanted out of a university. It was a huge weight off my chest, and college has been fantastic since!"

Evan A., Student at University of California, San Diego


"Being a first generation college student, the whole college application process was stressful and overwhelming. Well, it would have been had I not had Kate to help me along the way. Thanks to her awesome skills, knowledge, and wisdom together we survived the process, lowered our stress levels, set high goals, and achieved them. Thanks Kate!"

Sandra M., Student at University of California, Los Angeles


"Thank you so much for all  of your help. I really appreciate it."

Patrick D., Student at Chapman University